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We welcome you to RiversMeet, a community owned sports and leisure facility in South West Dorset.

Experience excellence in every visit at RiversMeet Active and RiversMeet Performance, where our dedicated team ensures a warm and inviting atmosphere in our modern, spacious facilities.

"RiversMeet: Where Community, Sports, and Leisure Meet Excellence"



State of the art Matrix Fitness cardiovascular and resistance machines plus free weights area.


Fitness Classes

Fully Equipped Matrix Gym


RiversMeet RiverKidz

Opening Weekends only 10am to 4pm

Café @ RiversMeet

RiversMeet Meeting Room

Enjoy a great selection of fresh food and drink in comfortable surroundings.

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Opening hours

Monday - Thursday
06.30 - 22.00

06.30 - 21.00

Saturday & Sunday
07.30 - 16.00

Last admission 30 minutes before closing

Swimming Pool

Please view the timetable for pool opening hours

About us

The RiversMeet Sports facility was designed and built for the purpose of community participation. The services on offer reflect our personality and charisma as a forward thinking trust providing top quality facilities for the local population of the Gillingham areas.

The Gillingham Community and Leisure Trust Ltd operate the facility on behalf of the Community as a "not for profit" social enterprise.

Our aims are pure and simple - a trust that meets the needs of the wider Gillingham area and ensures that the facilities remain available to the community for the foreseeable future.

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Wednesday 10th July 0900 - 1200 

Friday 12th July: 1315 - 1430

Wednesday 24th July: 1400 - 1500 (Half Pool)

Thursday 25th July: 1000 - 1100 (Half Pool)

Friday 26th July: 1000 - 1100 (Half Pool)

Sunday 30th July 1200 - 1300

Friday 2nd August: 1400 - 1600

Mondays: School Booking 1330 - 1500

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Monday 26th August: 0900 - 1800

The pool timetable will run with the sessions that fall during our opening hours. Classes will be running and bookable online: https://www.riversmeetgillingham.org/

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Saturday 13th July: ALL DAY CLOSURE

Saturday 20th July: 1400 - 1500

Saturday 10th August: 1100 – 1200

Saturday 7th September: 1100 - 1200



Wednesday 10th July 0900 - 1200

Friday 12th July 1315 - 1430

Wednesday 24th July 1400 - 1500 (Half Pool)

Thursday 25th July 1000 - 1100 (Half Pool)

Friday 26th July 1400 - 1500 (Half Pool)

Sunday 30th July 1200 - 1300

Friday 2nd August 1400 - 1600

Mondays: School Booking 1330 - 1500





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The Gillingham Community and Leisure Trust Ltd. (GCLT) is a community-owned business and registered charity which runs on a ‘not for profit’ basis, operating leisure facilities to benefit Gillingham and the surrounding area.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of trustees of GCLT are responsible for the strategic direction and commercial viability of the business.  All trustees are volunteers and unpaid. The role of the Board is to provide critical oversight and support to the General Manager and his leadership team; the Board carries the ultimate responsibility for the strategic direction, staff team, assets, activities and reputation of GCLT.

The GCLT Board support the General Manager and his leadership team in promoting an inclusive culture which views high professional standards as non-negotiable, seeking to provide i) a high quality and enjoyable experience for our customers, ii) appropriate opportunities for staff training and professional development, ii) a safe working environment, iv) the best pay and working conditions that the organisation can afford (with protection from inappropriate or bullying behaviour from colleagues and customers).

As a corporate body, we work hard to secure the future of the organisation in a sustainable manner, using the sum of our individual experience and expertise. In this way, we expect GCLT to continue to make a unique and valuable contribution to the local community for years to come. We recognise that, as a Board of trustees, we are stewards of an important legacy.

To meet our trustees, CLICK HERE

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Join today and help us make a difference in the community we serve, all funds we receive from the Three Rivers Lottery are distributed to charities and clubs throughout the Gillingham and North Dorset Area.

Whilst making a difference in your local community you have the opportunity to win up to £25,000 in the weekly draws.

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A multi-measure package based on a complete overhaul of the heating, pool dosing and air handling systems

Part-funded by
Low Carbon Dorset
as part of the
European Regional Development Fund


Low Cardon Dorset

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